Friday, January 25, 2008

There is such a thing as RL

Sometimes it's a good thing to 'un-plug'. Well so I've heard anyway. No wait, seriously real life really does need to take precedence to WoW life and I like to think that I maintain a decent balance. I mean I hold down a full time job and have friends that I don't only interact with via the interwebs so that counts right? We won't talk about the 'job pays for WoW subscription motivation' ok? Perhaps my friends would disagree with my statement about balance. Yeah I play everyday and spend most of the weekend playing but I'm not even hardcore! Personally I'd much prefer to play WoW than go out and get schickered every weekend. Then again I'm not adverse to the odd night of debauchery either!

This weekend the manbeast and I are going away to the family shack with his parents and sister and her partner. It's the first time we've been to the shack in several years and I know his parents are looking forward to us all spending time together. Is it ok to admit that we're a little saddened to be missing our regular Gruul's and ZA raids?

I bet the Dragonspine Trophy drops again this week too!


Eszti said...

And if I win it, Jez, I'll be sure to accept it proudly in your honor! /salute, ma'am!

Love the blog and I'll be coming back to see what else gets posted! Let me know if you need anything; never had a Blogger account, but I've been dabbling with web design for about thirteen years now.

Jezrael said...

Hai! You design nifty header image? :D

I'm getting around to posting some more hunterly specific stuff soon will look forward to your input :)

Eszti said...

Tell me what you want and I'll throw something together in upcoming weeks for you. A new layout, a header, some tips'n'tricks, something - I'm usually busy raiding when I'm not at work or pretending to have a social life, but I bet that I could find the time. Just let me know, give me some guidelines, and I'll come up with something.