Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting my blog on

Been thinking about blogging for a while now. Usually when I feel a particular urge to rant about something WoW related that I'm too kind to inundate my manbeast (also a player) or my guild forums with. So lucky interwebs I shall offer my rantings unto you.

I make no promises to be a regular, witty, or intelligent blogger. I'm really writing this thing in the same vein as Mr BRK got started - as a place to talk about playing a hunter in World of Warcraft although I'll probably deviate into various excursions into altaholism and one or to non WoW rants.

So if anyone makes it here:



TJ said...

You can skip witty and intelligent if you just focus on regular!

(Take BRK, for example.)

Jezrael said...

Heh! Thanks TJ :)

I feel rather chuffed to get a comment after less than 24 hours in the blogosphere <3

Anonymous said...

And from TJ yet! Just adding my welcome, Jez (is Jez okay? I hate having to type more than 5 letters for a name). ;)

Will be returning the blogroll love ASAP.

Jezrael said...

Jez is totally fine! I've been Jez in the games I play for so long now I literally answer to it in RL. That sounds a little scary actually o.0

Thanks for stopping by Kestrel, and for the blog roll love!