Tuesday, January 22, 2008

*tap, tap* Is this thing on?

Widgets are fun! Widgets are cool! Especially when they use javascript. So I went off and searched (and searched and searched) BRK's archives till I found his post on adding the javascript that allows you to link to items in the Wowhead database and get some nifty roll over action plus pretty coloured text. Let's see if it's working shall we?

Tonight I finally amassed enough arena points to get the lovely Vengeful Gladiator's Waraxe huzzah! Now to ponder whether to spring for the Savagery or Major Agility enchant? I suspect being the not so theory crafting huntard that I am that some pestering of my fellow guildie hunters will follow in short order.

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Eszti said...

Generally, I'm in favor of the added Agility over Attack Power. There are a couple of reasons, but they boil down to a couple of key points:

1) Agility benefits hunters tremendously, adding to our damage, our crit, our dodge, and our defense. Attack Power will only add, well, Attack Power. Whee!

2) Agility is better suited for raid buffs than Attack Power. Huh, what? Well, Esz is clearly built and intended for raiding these days - and what raid lacks basic buffs like Gift of the Wild and Blessing of Kings? These buffs further improve our stats, making us more efficient killing/tanking/healing machines, which is what is intended by them. Kings in particular takes your stats and improves them by 10%. That sounds slick, but it's actually better when you consider that it improves your stats after all other buffs and auras are added. Meaning that increase in Agility is further increased by Kings, scaling it better for raids.

Now, when I typically select gear, enchants, or gems, I take into account the effect of full raid buffs - specifically Kings - to see what the overall numbers end up being. Typically, this means that stacking Agility tends to benefit us better. Mind you, if your RAP is severely lacking when compared to your Agility or Crit, you might want to snag Savagery. I doubt that's the case, Jez, so I'd probably advocate getting Agility instead.

Other hunters might say otherwise (and the number of hunters running around with Savagery on their weapons confirms it), but I prefer Agility for the fact that it increases our Crit, meaning more Kill Commands and more Focus for our pets. But you're probably fine as long as you don't snag something that requires a proc like Firery. Then I'll laugh at you - a lot.