Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Any publicity is good publicity...

We run several Kara groups within my guild. Sometimes due to a guildie being unable to make it we grab a pick up player or 2. Our Kara D group had a PUG hunter along on their most recent run. Kara D is mostly composed of the alts of mains who have moved beyond Kara into Gruuls & ZA (and coming soon Mags! Woot!).

Before we go any further I'll explain the way our raid loot rules work because they are extremely complicated.

I'm totally lying. The Drunken Badger way (apart from massive quantities of sustained beer drinking - or MQOSBD) is to keep things as simple as possible. To that end we don't use DKP or anything like that for raid loot. Rather we have a social ettiquette which is explained to anyone joining one of our raids for the first time. Loot is set to group and for boss loots if you need it then roll need and if you don't need it but would like it for an offset you can greed so if no-one needs it you might get lucky. If you have already won one item do not roll need again unless no-one else wants the item at all. We also allow any person pugging with us the opportunity to get loot on their first run - unlike many guilds out there who only allow pick-ups to roll on attendance at their second raid (at a minimum).

So I'd say we're pretty generous eh?

Well this pick up hunter ran with the Kara D group and as the only hunter scored 4 epix including the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix which drops from Prince.

He then had the gall to post on the Blizz Feathermoon Realm forums QQing about how the bow was almost given to a rogue in the group. This was after ignoring our loot rules after being repeatedly reminded of them and already scoring three, COUNT THEM THREE, epics in that one run.

Thanks for the Kara run and for the bow. If you had given the bow to the rogue I would've posted the screenshots I took.

I still can't believe you have people in your raid who think like that and said what they said to me in whisper over that bow. That bow is a hunters weapon and the fact you even considered giving it to the rogue over a hunter shows you do not have any respect for the hunter players and that class.

I won't be raiding with you guys again. You did have some nice members and I'm really sorry it ended that way on that fun run.

PS: Yes I was the only hunter there, and I got 2 other hunter pieces that dropped... the belt and shoulders. That rogue also got 2-3 pieces... those boots and something else and he also rolled need on that ring that the curator dropped. Guess since he has a perm spot and is a friend of yours you have certain people trying to play favoritism.

I also found it funny and alittle sad that even though I died during the opera event (big bad wolf) right from the start... so was dead that whole fight.... I was still in first place on the damage meter with my pet added to me by almost 3% and was in 2nd place without my pet and only needed 40k more dmg to be in first without my pet.

Good day and thanks for the bow and that kara run.

Unbelievable! I'm pleased to report that the dude got pwned in the comments that followed.

The Badgers, deciding that discretion is the better part of valour and all that, have opted to stay well out of it, well except for reading the thread and giggling anyway. Besides this guy is doing a good job of giving us publicity for being a good generous guild to run with. Guess his plan backfired huh.

Onto better things
While I'm on the topic of publicity:


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