Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The art of Warcraft: my zen gaming philosophy

I apply the same philosophy to playing WoW that I did to playing Pirates . Yes there will doubtless be many comparisons and references to that game in my blog.

The way I play WoW has changed over time, mostly due to the way my interest in pirates decreased as my interest in WoW increased. The increase in interest was motivated by by further delving into the deeper aspects of game play in WoW. Initially as should be obvious from my previous post I was playing in a fairly casual manner.

I'm a reasonably competitive player, I like to try and play my class well and to that extent I will spend time researching how I can improve. However I'll only do that to the point that I am still having fun. Spending hours poring over spreadsheets so that I can squeeze a little more DPS out of my spec+gear is not really my idea of fun. I will take the information I glean from various places on the interwebs and in game and use that sure and that's why I really appreciate all the theory-crafters out there who really get off on analysis. A big thanks to all of you out there!

So I like to believe my play-style is pretty zen - for the most part. Fun should always > theory. But an important part of that statement is that theory = a portion of fun. There is also a high percentage chance that I am talking absolute crap, but if you've read a few of my posts now you should know that I'm ramblomatic ;)

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Typhoonandrew said...

Heya Jez,

Agree totally - I think theorycraft is a wonderful thing, which makes the game better. But its also mind blowingly mundane to do, and a great way to start a flamewar.

In a recent investigation I tried to find out if a Paladin talen would apply its modifier to all damage, or just "white" hit damage. The theory war was on. WoWwiki said one thing, the WoW forums said heaps of junk, and a clear answer was "kinda maybe".

Lets all let the guys at ElitestJerks do the math, and lets get back to reading blogs and playing.

Afterall there is only so much efficient grinding that you can do before the %Fun drops below the DvdIsBetter ratio....

cheers Typhoonandrew