Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Back Story - part the first

I've been a gamer since year dot. Card and board games were a big part of my childhood (and books but that's another post). I play console games, stand alone PC games and MMOs. Before WoW I played another MMO for over 3 years. It was (and is) a great little game called Yohoho Puzzle Pirates.

When WoW was first publicly released I was heavily into YPP and the community there and resisted the urgings of my co-worker at the time to get on board with WoW. For a while that is. I started playing WoW in October 2005.

I still remember riding the train home from work (a 45 minute trip of pain, public transport = teh devil) clutching my shiny new WoW game box and perusing the game manual as I thought about what character I might choose. So I might as well confess right here and now that with absolutely zero knowledge of the game beyond having played a bit of stand alone World of Warcraft 3 I made the most stereotypical choice possible. Yes I chose a Nelf because I thought they were pretty looking (and I always liked elves in the fantasy fiction I favour as a genre) and to be a hunter because ZOMG pets!

Jezrael was created as soon as I had installed the game that night and has been my main ever since.

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