Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Confessions of a Huntard

I wasn't always the uber hunter that I am now *cue hysterical laughter*, no once upon a time I was one of the many many huntards that infest the worlds of Warcraft (worlds because we have both Azeroth and Outlands amirite?).

I like to believe though that while I may have displayed some huntardation there were things I got right pretty much from the start.

I was lucky enough to start playing at the same time as *cue further hysterical laughter from Morn specifically* the manbeast. But we'll call him Broichan now because that was the first toon he leveled and who Jez began her adventures in Azeroth with.

Do you still remember what it was like when the world was all new and fresh? When you'd enter a new zone and oooh and aaah at the lovely environmental graphics? Maybe you didn't ooh and aah. I did, because it was the first seamless 3D world MMO I'd ever played and it was a pretty exciting experience just inhabiting the world let alone all the cool things I could do as a hunter.

So Broichan is a drood and as anyone who has leveled a drood knows you get your first shape change ability at level 10 which is happily when a hunter can first train a pet. I think this is the reason that I never became a melee huntard. I had a nice fuzzy bear tanking the mob whilst I pew-pewed happily away. And yes I did send my lovely Azrael in to do battle as well. I had a pet and they were supposed to do the nasty up close fighting for me. I grasped that early on.

I adventured away, often with Broi until level 45 where I suddenly became bored with the game and stopped playing for about 6 months. I started playing Pirates again and Jezrael languished away. By the time I started playing again Broichan was 60 and Emelin the soul-destroying Warlock, the new toon of the manbeast, was almost there too. So I leveled my way mainly solo up to 60. My huntardiness therefore showed itself mainly with instances. I still remember the first time I was asked to lay a trap to CC a mob in LBRS. I had no idea what was being asked of me. This was back pre TBC and before we could lay multiple traps in battle so trapping was really just a tiny bit of CC to help with a multi-mob pull. Ditto on being asked to pull a mob to my assigned tank in Molten Core. You want me to what?! Ah yes I had much to learn about the ways of the hunter.

But probably my greatest transgression? I had an icy enchant on each of my Assassination Blade's .



I'm glad that through intensive therapy plus deciding to really understand what makes my class tick I learned better.

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Eszti said...

... I'm embarrassed to admit that I know you! Haha. /salute!