Thursday, July 24, 2008

So much to do, so little time

Before Wrath hits. At least it's beginning to feel like the arrival of the new xpac is that much closer with it now in beta. Pike over at Aspect of the Hare recently blogged about not really worrying about all the new Lich King info flooding the internether since she has lots of current goals to work towards. I feel the same and have been ruminating on my game goals recently. Back in February I wrote a post listing my goals and looking back over them I've done pretty well - I've got my epic birdy for Jez, levelled Seph to 70, achieved exalted with Aldor and got together a reasonable PvP set (although that's an ongoing work in progress). The only goal from that list that I haven't achieved is my Netherdrake mount and quite honestly it's because I haven't been trying. Patch 2.4 came along and I started doing the SSO dailies and haven't been back out to the Ridge since. Bad Jez!

So what are my goals now? Well I have plenty! These are all things I'd like to achieve before WotLK but I doubt I'll manage them all, which is fine, I like to have a list of things to aim for so that if I get bored with one I can work on another.

  1. Netherdrake mount - if I can get motivated to do the dailies again

  2. Crocolisk pet

  3. ZA bear mount

  4. See Sunwell - the Badgers are 4/5 in Hyjal and 3/9 in BT now so there's hope

  5. Level Katiya my mage to 70 - she's currently 45

  6. Improve my PVP skills on Seph and Jez

  7. Get a Mojo pet

  8. Level Seph's leatherworking to 375

  9. Attain my Champion of the Naaru title on Jez - just need to do heroic SL and Mags

  10. Kill Kael and get my Hand of A'dal title for Jez

  11. Attain the Vindicator PVP title on Jez

I could probably think of more but that's plenty to keep me busy - as well as farming for consumables for raiding including mats for some shadow resist gear for Mother in BT!

Are you hungering for Rash of the Itch King to arrive or do you have plenty to keep you happy and occupied in game right now?


Typhoonandrew said...

Rash of the Itch King? Nice one.

My time is spent getting the few improvements I can. I have a list of all the gear I want to get which I'm likely to get access to, and it notes what Rep, Instance, or currency is needed to get there. This is a good way of staying san, as otherwise the distractions would be overwhelming.

Unlike Jez I'm not doing end-game raiding, so its far easier to potter through the content, and while I hate the fact I'm not able to do it; its also a type of freedom.

It does not help my focus that I have 2x 70s and a 61 in training.

Pally top 3: Durn or BM runs to get Revered for a leg upgrade, Shattered Sun Rep to Exalted for Shield upgrade, and Eye of the Storm BGs for the Gavel main hand upgrade.

Warlock: any badge of justice runs, finish Mgt, Aldor, Sha'tar, and some other reps to Exalted.

Druid: Get to 70, think about respecing from Cat to Heal. gather some good gear sets for all options.

Jezrael said...

I can't take the credit for 'Rash of the Itch King' - I think that's a Ratshag original, although several bloggers have; like myself, thought it a fitting title for the xpac with the overwhelming flood of info out there :)

Anonymous said...

I recently blogged about this myself. There are still plenty of things I'm looking forward to doing before Wrath comes out, and I am just as excited to finally down Tidewalker as I am to see the content of WotLK! I still have plenty to keep me busy, and I'm not in any hurry for Wrath to get here :) I missed out on too much when the first expansion came out, I am going to keep savouring BC while I still can!