Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hunter Raiding Consumables

I thought that maybe this might be useful information for someone out there: a list of all the consumables I take to a raid.

Our weekly raid goes for 5 hours so I make sure I have enough to last me that long. Although embarrassingly I ran out of arrows on our first Mt Hyjal visit! *blush* That NEVER happens. I had a full 24 slot quiver too! I'm packing extra these days, yay for even less bag space *grumble*

I'm not going to talk about any of the extra gear I might carry with me as this will vary from instance to instance. So, here's my list of huntery raid consumables:

  • Full 24 slot quiver of arrows plus 2 extra stacks
    I can't wait to get enough rep with Scales of the Sands to use the next level of arrows. I'm currently using the Kara rep ones.

  • 2 stacks of stat food
    I favour Grilled Mudfish because I can fish for them but Warp Burgers are yummy too nomnomnom. I also carry a stack of mp5 food in case I feel I need a little extra boost with mana but I rarely use these - more so for farming so I can keep impAotH up and not stop for mana.

  • 3 stacks of pet food
    As I fish I generally have Blackened Trout or Feltail Delight. If I've been lazy it's the old Clefthoof Ribs.

  • 2 flasks
    I use the Flask of Relentless Assault but your mileage may vary. Sad panda that I won't be able to decrease my costs via the Marks of the Illidari that drop in T5 content and can be handed in for flasks if you have the requisite reputation (exalted with Sha'tar, Cenarion Expedition and Aldor/Scryer).

  • 10 battle elixirs
    I use the Elixir of Major Agility. I take the elixirs with me because the raid is 5 hours and thus will have 1 hour when my flasks are gone.

  • 10 guardian elixirs
    I use the Elixir of Major Mageblood but am thinking of moving to Elixir of Major Fortitude or possibly Elixir of Draenic Wisdom. Depends on cost and the type of fight. I might just grab 5 of each.

  • 2 stacks of Heavy Netherweave Bandages
    If your pot/cookie healthstone cooldown is up or your damage is not that severe taking the time to bandage yourself can alleviate the work for the healers. As hunters we should be doing our best to be self sufficient so that the healers can work on keeping the tanks and those aggro pulling squishies alive *wink*

  • 2 Superior Mana Oils
    Every little bit of mana can help! Although admittedly these are not highest on my list of must have consumables I try and make sure I have at least 2 on me.

  • 10-15 Super Healing Potions
    Because bandages aren't enough sometimes and cookies run out.

  • 10-15 Super Mana Potions/Fel Mana Potions
    I generally prefer the Fel Mana pots since as a hunter I don't experience the debuff but they can sometimes be tough to get hold of (at least on my realm when I'm looking) and so will sometimes just grab normal mana potions. Now some hunters chug these on every cool down. I don't like to have to do that. Maybe I'm cheap or weird or something but I generally try to keep it to only use one of these per fight. It really depends on the nature of the fight. If I need to use them I will, after all that's why I carry them!
Well that's it. I don't think I've forgotten anything.

Edit! I did forget one other important item, thanks to Gilthoniel for bringing it to my attention:

*images courtesy of Wowhead


Cynra said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk -- I was there, Jez, when you ran out of arrows! I was the only one to end up with enough arrows to last the evening. You silly, silly huntards.

I've found that a fast-attack Beast Mastery hunter tends to run through arrows far quicker than any other spec; we attack quicker, favor bows that are a bit faster than those desired by Survival or Marksmanship hunters, and potentially use a rotation that can burn up a lot of arrows. Hunters that rely on the Steady -> Auto rotation will use far more arrows than the 3:2 rotation. That's something to keep in mind.

For arrows, I tend to keep at least eight stacks outside of my quiver and sometimes even a little more if I know it might be a rather long evening. For Badgers' raids, I usually carry some twelve extra stacks, giving me 2,400 arrows in leeway. It seems a bit like over-preparation, but I've yet to ever run out of arrows in any instance or raid. At least you carry more pet food than I! I run with only two stacks and replenish any time I'm down a multiple of five.

Good list, good tips!

Jezrael said...

Thanks Cynra :)

I've never ever ever run out of arrows before in my entire WoW career so that was quite the embarrassing moment!

I'm definitely taking a LOT of extra arrows to BT as we progress since there are just so many fights in that place!

typhoonandrew said...

Good list. Um, it might be just me but you missed:

Brewfest Keg - a must to inspire true top performance.

non-Combat pets - to make the screen more cluttered and distract the other players. How else do you know that you're nudging out and irritating the locks and mages on the damage meter? The Hunter pets just dont distract like they used too.

Piccolo of Fancy Dancing - you know the one, 5 secs from the critical pull you pop this baby and everyone enjoys the hilarity. Good times....

Noggenfogger Elixir - especially good you want to look like a skeleton during the Nightbane fight; or make it hard for people to target you to grab/help with a Pally taunt. A must for any leet-sauce raider.

Cynra said...

Typhoonandrew: No, not the Piccolo of Flaming Fire! I've been in raids where pulling this bad boy out during an innappropriate moment could result in being promptly kicked from the raid. Mind you, it was related to the fact that it used to cause extremely heavy lag-related issues and not because it was so annoying, but -- you have to admit -- it is annoying.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list, Jez. I knew there was something I missed when I went into SSC. I forgot about the flask. Granted, they're gonna be expensive, but I'll get them if I can get the mats.

I don't urgently need it since I put out more RAP as marksman. More RAP puts me higher at the aggro table anyway. =/

Anonymous said...

I'm not at your level of arrows (I'm at the point where I'm just starting Kara) but the engineering arrow/bullet makers can be a life saver and they only take up 1 slot for 1k arrows =D

Similarly make friends with an engineer who can make mana/health pot injectors - again 20 pots for 1 slot not 4

Jezrael said...

Good advice anon - I wish you'd left a name so I could thank you by it :)

@ Lor - there are other flasks too so it doesn't have to be the relentless assault one :)

Gilthoniel said...

*cough* kibler's bits *cough*

Jezrael said...

Oh GOOD point!! I do carry pet food with me and I am going to add this item to the post body! Thanks Gilthoniel!

Muron said...

Also if you want just a little more oomph Agility scrolls are great to give you that last little boost.

Typhoonandrew said...

@Cynra - That flute thing is horridly annoying, which is why I like it. Its a good ice breaker if used well.

Gilthoniel said...

glad i could help :)

Anonymous said...

Great list, I believe I have this posted on a sticky beside my monitor (as I'm quite forgetful). I would also recommend some Agi scrolls if you've got some handy, any little bit helps!

Only time I've ever run out of arrows was on doing a full Kara clear, with a couple of wipes spread throughout the run... luckily there was a handy vendor right outside the door!

Oripoon said...

Got the link for this article from The Hunters' Mark. Thank you for this! As mentioned above, I do roll into Kara with Agility V scrolls. I didn't think about the flasks, though, but I just purchased the two I could find on the AH. My guild is working on getting Kara on full clears in a run now, and as a BM hunter I hit 1008 DPS on the Maiden fight, which is my personal best. Hopefully your list will help me top that. :) Thanks again!