Monday, July 28, 2008

Bear Mount!

The weekend is raid time for the Drunken Badgers. Our T6 raid is on Saturday morning (I'm going by Aussie time here) and goes for 5 hours and then on Sunday we make a visit to ZA to do a 'mount run'. We like to call it 'Extreeeeeeeeem ZA' in the sign ups and it generally goes anywhere between 1.5 to 2 hours.

We've been doing the mount run for probably about 6 weeks now and each week there have been a couple of silly avoidable mistakes that have seen us miss out on the 4th timer by mere minutes, sometimes even seconds. This week we were all super focused and as we zoomed through the first bosses I think we could all feel that this could be the week. Well it was! It all came together, everyone brought their A game and wooohoooo hello bear mount. The lucky recipient was our pally tank Cliffton. Fittingly as he was the person who started the mount run in the first place. Grats Cliff! Now we just need to replicate that feat enough times that everyone else on the run can get the mount.

In other news the Badgers went to Black Temple for the second time this weekend. One shotted Naj, had a little trouble with Supremus but got him on the third attempt, one shotted Akama and then it was time to go say hi to Mr Gorefiend for the first time. I'd done my reading and I'd tried the flash game where you practice killing constructs but was unsuccessful. The flash game set up is totally different from my normal playstyle - you have to click to target and move with your mousekeys whereas in game I tab target and move with the mouse. So I was feeling very nervous. Guess who was the first to have to take on constructs on our first attempt? Yup. Failed miserably. Em took them on on a subsequent attempt and succeeded handily so I talked to him about what he did and will be changing things up a little the next time I have to perform that duty. Part of me hopes that will not be for a long time but on the other hand I need to learn how to beat them so that I'm not a liability to the raid. At least I wasn't the only person who failed heh. That said we had several attempts on Teron with our best being 3% so beating him is totally within our grasp if we can can do so well on the first time going up against him. As it is the plan is to go back to MtH until we down Archi. Hopefully this will be next week! Heh. So all in all a good weekend of raiding for the Badgers and I picked up the Ring of Deceitful Intent courtesy of Akama.

I'm so proud of our crew, according to WoWjutsu we're 21st for progression on Feathermoon and 3631 US. Pretty awesome for a group that only raids once a week in my opinion!


Loronar said...

Congrats! Our guild still hasn't been able to make the 4th timer. We're 21st on the server also and 3926 in the US. I'd say we're on par. :P

Matticus said...
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Matticus said...

Congrats on getting the bear mount! Just keep the same crew together and hopefully you'll grab one =D!