Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's your favourite class to kill in PVP?

Inspired by a recent post from Euripedes at CriticalQQ and some idle chatter in the BA chatroom I bring you this important question.

Thinking about it I have a hard time choosing a particular class that I like to kill the most. I pretty much enjoy squishing anyone on the opposing team but if forced to give particulars I would say:

After many many many occasions of being ganked by rogues there is something really satisfying about escaping their stun and unleashing a little DPS hell on them.

*Aimed shot* heal through that bizatch! Paladins are fun because they are so full of plate so it takes a while to wear them down. Oooh how bought a serve of viper sting with that? Admittedly I do better against pallys when they are occupied with healing their team mates.

Say hello to my 'IWinLOL' button. Gotta take these guys down fast and hope they aren't specced affliction and so can't load up a bunch of instant dots with the result that your victory dance over their corpse is cut short by your own death.

Damn warriors and their damn charge and their damn mortal strike. Combinations of frost traps, concuss, intimidation and a lot of pewpew and kiting can take these guys out with some effort. I think I have more fun cycloning them on Seph though.

There is a definite thrill in going up against your own class and seeing who comes out best. I am always amused by hunters that neglect to feign death to dislodge the pet gnawing on their kneecaps, or of course throwing down a freezing trap to take the pet out of action.

There are also situational kills that I particularly enjoy that don't relate to a specific class, such as for example, killing the flag carrier in Warsong Gulch and returning the flag, that's a good buzz. Or killing someone trying to cap a node in Arathi Basin or a tower in Alterac Valley. Hmmm my good time kills definitely seem to be defense related.

And oh oh oh!!!! In a big time first for Jezrael I actually successfully capped the flag in WSG the other day. That was super thrilling - particularly because I generally play defense in PVP and in WSG in particular am usually all about controlling mid and/or chasing the FC down and retrieving the flag. On this particular occasion I'd just finished a flag retrieval all the way to the horde flag room and unfortunately the horde flag also got returned around the same time. There were no horde in the room when the flag spawned so I figured 'carpe diem' and grabbed the flag. Heading down tunnel and hoping boots were up I encountered a couple of alliance players (a shaman and druid if I recall correctly) who helped me escort the flag back to our base. By then our flag had been picked up again so I headed to the roof. It was a funny feeling laying traps and flares to protect myself. There were a couple of horde in the flag room itself but when our flag was returned and the call went out to cap I was able to jump down almost right on top of the flag and Wooohooo! Definitely a game highlight for me :)

So spill the beans, who do you enjoy killing the most?


Pike said...

Other hunters.

I'm horrible.

Anonymous said...


I have Silencing Shot! I betcha they didn't see that one coming.

Darraxus said...

Well on all of my classes, killing rogues is my favorite. I hate those stunny little bastards. On my warrior I love killing Mages as they are the toughest class for me to kill. Resto droods in arena are a big one as well.

typhoonandrew said...

Blood Elves. They have great emotes when they die.

I don't do BGs, but the times when I flag and kill a BE are great. Fear, Dot, Dot, SB, Fear, SB, SB, ShadFury, /dance.

Telrunya said...

Pally's....Me no like pallys!!

Drenai Shaman is a close 2nd though. :)

Telrunya - Baelgun(US)

The Wild One said...

Ohh, who to kill first…

Warlocks. Definitely warlocks. I hate those dotty little hookers, I hate getting Seduced, and I especially hate dropping dead 30 seconds after the fight is over.

Second, Pallies. Bubblebitches, I call them. Go ahead, snap your bubble, ya hooker, I'll just drop trap, recall pet and book it until your bubble's down and I can unload on you with unrestricted fury.


Feeling burly now, I'm thinking I'm gonna go kill me some hordies…

doublesidedhunter said...

Hum... Who to kill first. /chin tap

That's a great question! I kill whoever comes first!

Healers. Any Healer. I don't care if you are a pally, priest, shaman, or druid. If I see you heal someone, you will be chomped on and shot to death.

Warlocks. Because you're dots suck and my pet has a particular taste for squishie meat.

Mages. Just because you ice block doesn't mean you're not going to die.

Squishie goodness all around. ^^

Cynra said...

I have a confession to make: despite having so many honor kills on Eszti and having spent so much time in the Battlegrounds with her in years past, I really prefer to go onto the battlefield as a healer. It's a huge rush, especially being a toilet paper-wearing squishie.

Being a healer doesn't just mean that I get to keep my allies alive; it also means that I'm robbing my opponents of their kills. And that's sweet.

As a hunter, I love taking down mace-specced rogues and warriors. I hate stuns as a priest. As a priest, I love destroying paladins. Mana Burn, Mana Burn, Mana Burn, Mass Dispel, Mana Burn, Mana Burn, and Smite, Smite, Smite.

Jagerbombz said...

ROGUES! I was one and never knew how damn annoying we were. For the 1% of the time that I avoid the stun and get frost shock and grounding off and kite the bastards to death it is great.

Did I mention I hate rogues.

Gibbiex said...

My favorite victim as BM hunter is easily the lock. Locks are just evil evil evil, and they deserve what's coming to them, which is a big ol' face full of pet. If get big and red they go down fast.

But rogues. I absolutely loathe rogues, i can't do anything about them. I'm so squishy when they are doing their 5 stuns thing.