Saturday, February 9, 2008

What are your game goals?

I'm a goal oriented kind of person, which works happily with a goal oriented kind of game like WoW. In any kind of endeavour I'll have a list whether mental or otherwise of things that I want to achieve and so of course I have a list for WoW.

My problem however is that, as I've stated before, I'm a lazy lazy hunter so I don't necessarily go all out with single minded fervour to achieve my goals. Rather I tend to have a few different goals that I'm working towards (however slowly) at any one time so that if I get bored with the effort of achieving one goal I shift focus and do some work on another. My goals are also broad in terms of their immediacy or the effort required. Today I'm going to talk about some of the the 'larger' goals that I'm working towards.

Epic Flying Skill
I really really want that super fast birdy. It will make my farming for ore that much quicker and is a prerequisite for my current 'uber' goal of getting a Netherdrake! I mean c'mon they're dragons! And they have purple Netherdrakes! Who would not want one!

But of course super speed requires bling and I have not been very assiduous in my bling- raising activities. So I've decided to get more focused. I'm farming motes, I'm getting any greens DE'd by my friendly local disenchanting warlock *waves to Emelin* and selling everything on the AH. I'm selling some of my ore instead of keeping a stock pile for the next Eternium Scope. I'm trying not to spend the gold I've currently amassed. Although not at the expense of making sure I'm geared adequately for raiding.

Netherdrake mount
See above really. I've done all the quests I can at this stage and so this goal is totally dependent on my getting the epic flying skill and then increasing my rep.

PVP Gear
I want to do better in arenas and BGs and that means getting better gear so I'm working on playing my weekly games and running BGs - or at least achieving each days daily BG to build up the honour and arena points to get decently outfitted with PVP gear. Apart from the gear I'm currently working towards that I've mentioned before I'm also saving up enough badges to get Dory's Embrace which has that nice resilience stat. Since I'm now running Kara and ZA weekly this shouldn't take long.

Leveling Sephiroh to 70
I really love playing my druid alt. Druids are such a versatile class and I've loved doing some melee as a feral druid as a great change up from ranged pew pew. Sadly Seph has been languishing by the way side lately due to my recent focus on other goals. She's currently in the middle of the 61 grind down in Hellfire Peninsula. Seph is also a skinner so I have intentions to use her as a money maker and supplier of mats for leg armour and the like to Jez. She also is a leatherworker so eventually I'd like to be able to make that armour for Jez.

Reputation grinds - Exalted with Aldor

I recently finally achieved exalted with Consortium so I could purchase the awesome JC pattern Relentless Earthstorm Diamond which all JC hunters should have. Plus of course being able to pick up my bag of goodies once a month from Nagrand and get something decent. I then worked out which other factions I really want to achieve exalted with - and that's really only the Aldor. Currently I'm working on remaining quests in Shadowmoon Valley and the like and farming Marks of Sargeras over at the Arklon Ruins in Netherstorm. My motivation to achieve exalted is of course the Greater Inscription of Vengeance.

So there you have it a list of my current game goals. Right now I'm splitting my efforts between farming gold for my flying mount skill, grinding Aldor rep and PVPing to get better PVP gear. Plus of course my regular raiding schedule. Does anyone else have similiar way of handling in game goals? What goals do you have?

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typhoonandrew said...

My goals are pretty much limited by time and gold; and to be honnest as gold is aquired over time, its really a question of what order to burn time on.

Ands thats what makes a good character in WoW, the time you spend. I'd agrue that any reasonable intelligent person who spends the time can get a nice character. This is why many people have 4x 70s, but others struggle for just one.

If I had 25,000 gold tomorrow it would accelerate my gear progression, but not fix the goals of getting certain drops and getting a good level of rep, which unlocks pattern and gear.

When I can, I'll always run an instance. Most of the time this will generate money (unless we wipe a few times), and also get gear, practice, and rep.

Jez you probably dont need practice, but you can;t argue with the daily instances granting gold.

As I run two characters, my list is based upon the stuff that will have the most significant upgarde, but may not be the order I aquire them.

Here goes:

Paladin goals

1) Tankatronic Goggles (time - dependent on heroic badges or being lucky)
2) Darkmmon card - Vengence (gold - just two more Furies cards to go)
3) Epic mount (gold)
4) Kara / Heoric level gear (time)
5) Engineering to 375 (gold)
6) Gold
7) BG epic single-hander (time)

Warlock goals

1) Exalted with Violet Eye, etc (time)
2) Kara, Gruuls, and ZA gear (time and luck)
3) Enchanting to 375 (gold)
4) Gold
5) BG gear (time)

cheers Typhoonandrew