Monday, April 7, 2008

Tidewalker is Disgusting!

The Drunken Badger's raid made our second ever foray into Serpentshrine Cavern this weekend with pleasing results. We swiftly gave Hydross and Lurker what for in glorious one-shots and made our way over to Leo to give him a pummelling.

Emelin has worked hard in the last 2 weeks to gear himself with enough fire resist to take on Leo in demon form and thanks to the help of the guild he got there. Leo is a tricky fight in terms of both threat management and people being quick enough to kill their inner demons. I'm happy to report that after a few failures we downed him on the 5th shot.

So it was time for Tidewalker. Any giant that shoots bubbles out of his butt AND smells them obviously needs to be taught a lesson. And teach him a lesson we did on our third attempt.

No hunter loot for yours truly but a great deal of satisfaction to see the raid progressing so nicely, woohoo 4/6 in SSC baybeeeee!!

Next week it's back to Tempest Keep and I look forward to us downing Alar after getting her as far as phase 2 on our last attempt.

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Eszti said...

Two weeks in Serpentshrine Cavern and a record four bosses downed? At that point, you know that we're kicking ass!

My hope is that Solarian goes much quicker this upcoming Friday so that we can down her, trounce all over Void Reaver's mechanical corpse, and then get some real good quality time with A'lar. A'lar seems to be the boss that we're hung up on most - thought it was only our first time there as this group and it was getting late when we made our attempts.

Oh, and reminds Em that we're all congratulating him on his first piece of Tier 5 with hopefully many more to come!