Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ring in the changes

Unless you're reading this post through a feed reader you'll have noticed some changes to my little home in the WoWosphere.

When I first started blogging I went with one of the default templates, but over time I've grown to quite dislike it. So, time to change it up. I've gone with another standard (Minima) but manipulated it to increase the page width. Seriously is anyone still using monitors with a max screen resolution of 800x600? I'm pretty sure that's the exception rather than the rule these days.

Check out the awesome new header image thanks to one of my work mates. Cheers! I owe you beer mate! I just love it but am also planning to change the image out every so often too once I get my hands on the .psd file. Will give me a good opportunity to learn some more Photoshop-fu.

I quite like the clean feel of this particular template and I seem to have copied over my various template additions ok (like the wowhead item script) but if you notice anything askew please let me know!

I've become quite obsessed with layout and interface design in the last few days (well extended that concern beyond my RL job is probably a more accurate observation) as I've also recently overhauled my UI. I'm planning a series of posts coming soon that illustrates the journey of my UI over the course of my time playing Warcraft. I'll also be discussing the mods I use and the how and why. Hopefully will be an interesting read.


Ratshag said...

That is a NICE looking banner!

Morn said...

I like it :)

Cynra said...

Love the changes, miss Jez. Having done web design for over a decade now (sometimes as a hobby, sometimes for hard-earned cash), I've always felt that having a dark background with lighter text was a huge faux pas. And while your old layout wasn't quite that, it was still dark and moody and quite unlike the Jez that I know.

Also, if you ever get a group of images that you like for your header, why go through the effort of changing them out each week? Just make a code that randomly refers to each image on a page refresh. This site seemed to explain it better than I couldd.

The code you're looking for is:

<img src="<?php echo(rand(1,5)); ?&rt;.jpg"
width="image_width" height="image_height" alt="image_alt_text" /<

If you look at this portion of the code,

<?php echo(rand(1,5)); ?&rt;,

what it's doing is randomly generating a number between one and five. Assuming that each of your image files begins with dps-we-deliver_, are in the same directory (images in our example), are numbered one to five, and end with .jpg, it'll randomly call up an image. Just keep each one with the same dimensions (height and width) and you'll be doing fine!

Also, I'd recommend maybe starting to capture screenshots in .png and then using that file type on your site; they're typically smaller files than jpegs, they are much sharper, and pretty much all current popularly used browsers are capable of viewing them. You start running into problems if you use .png's for transparency, but I doubt you'll be using that a lot here.

If you're not currently set up to take screenshots in .png, change it! BRK posted a quick guide recently.

- Esz, who got tired of calling herself by any of her toons on a number of sites and has done back to Cynra as is right and good!

Cynra said...

Ooops, I buggered up. I was afraid that your comments system would ignore any code that wasn't allowed, so I had to use HTML codes for a number of ASCII characters. Unfortunately, I messed up the less than side code, thinking that it was left and right instead of greater and less than. Silly me!

The codes should be:

<img src="<?php echo(rand(1,5)); ?>.jpg"
width="image_width" height="image_height" alt="image_alt_text" />


<?php echo(rand(1,5)); ?>.

If there are any questions about it, you know how to reach me!

Jezrael said...

Thanks Miss Eszti :) I didn't like the original template for similiar reasons. I wanted something more open looking. I actually crop up my screenshots in Photoshop unless I'm going for a full shot screenie and save for web as png. Photos though present better as jpeg imo.

Didn't know you do web design - thanks for the offer :) I actually work for a web design studio in RL so I've got a bunch of designers I can bug with questions and assistance with setting up CSS classes and such. I like the idea of the random image I might look into it. There's also jquery as well which could be nifty with an image rotater :)