Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bartle-ised.. What kind of gamer am I?

I've always found Bartle's theories on MUD gamer types interesting so when I saw Anna's post I had to jump over to Guild Cafe to do the quiz too.

So turns out I'm a EKAS

EKAS players might be descibed as living by slogan: see the world, meet interesting people...and kill them. Immersion within the world is important to these players, because they love finding new things to explore--but they also enjoy the thrill of the hunt and finding other players within the world to fight.

I think it's pretty accurate. I enjoy exploring new zones and instances a lot and I also really enjoy the thrill of PVP.

Guild Cafe is quite a nifty place - like the Facebook for gamers hehe. I'm signed up over there as Jezrael so look me up to friend if you like.


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Cynra said...

ESAK players often see the game world as a great stage, full of things to see and people to meet. They love teaming up with people to get to the hard-to-see places, and they relish unique experiences.

Breakdown: Achiever 40.00%, Explorer 86.67%, Killer 20.00%, Socializer 53.33%