Monday, March 24, 2008

Purple birdy!

Back at the beginning of February I posted about my game goals. One of which was to attain my epic flying skill on the way to my uber-goal of a Netherdrake mount. I'm pleased and excited that I recently (a couple of weeks ago my blogging has been terribad I know) was finally able to head on down to Wildhammer Stronghold to visit the flying skill trainer and select a super fast birdy all my own. Purple is my favourite colour and so of course I chose the very lovely Swift Purple Gryphon.
Isn't he gorgeous?

Of course this was only the beginning. Let Netherwing rep grinding commence! So would sayeth BRK and so was it done (hehe).

Doing the Netherwing reputation quests involves being disguised as an Orc. Now I have a small insight to the world of Ratshag. Albeit a red rather than green insight. The urge to hit things with my axe and call everything a fuggernumper was overwhelming. Not to mention the amount of attention my incredibly virile form earned from the locals. I had to learn to be pretty hand with the old Netherdrake mount to evade their attentions. Did I mention part of the disguise involves a Netherdrake mount? Squeee! Ahem that wasn't very orcl-like. I mean yargghhh. Yeah thats more like it. My orc persona even looks good in the oven mitts! Well as good as anyone can hope to look in those atrocities of style.
I've been farming assiduously and am now honoured as of this weekend which means you get to race a series of guys on their mounts. Probably one of the most challenging things I've ever attempted outside of instances in the game. I've beaten the first three and am currently racing Wing Commander Ichman.

A pleasant side effect of doing all these dailies is the gold which will come in handy to pay back a friendly dwarf warrior I know who was kind enough to lend me the remaining 1k gold I needed to get my epic flying skill. I got a little impatient, he had pots of money lying around (typical dwarf!) and frankly my ability to quickly farm ore has gone through the roof with my speedy birdy so I should be able to pay him back very quickly.

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