Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's not the size... ok well maybe it is.

This is for you Xtian!That baby sure is one big fugghernumper of an axe eh?

In other weaponry news, yes you (that's the general you) may buy me one of these for my birthday/Christmas/just because I'm awesome: Frostmourne!

Yes I'm a girl, perhaps that's not a very girly present, but I dare you to say that to my face if I'm weilding that puppy!


Kestrel said...

Jez, I'm sorry for your gains. ;) One of your guildies makes a great comment though, about the unsuitability of those shoulders for a Druid!

And a question: What unit frame add-on do you use? It almost looks like PitBull, but then it doesn't. It does look clean and simple, and may be exactly what I'm looking for!

Jezrael said...

Hehe thanks Kestrel :) The add on I use is xperl unit frames. I also use bongos2 as my bar mod. I find that both of them suit my needs admirably, which reminds me that I've been meaning to do a post on my particular mod preferences....