Thursday, February 14, 2008

World of Motecraft

I recently posted about my in game goals and in true project manager fashion (that's what I do in RL for a design company for websites and etc) I have established a plan to meet my goal. The specific goal is that of gathering enough gold to get the epic flying skill.

My plan is to earn at least 100 gold a day. Doing that I should reach my target in one month - being as I need to earn another 3000 gold. After approx 1 week I have amassed 3500 so I am even closer than I expected to be so quickly. Yay!

The most efficient way I could work out to earn the gold is to farm motes of air and fire on the Elemental Plateau plus mining ore. Every evening I fly from Shatt over the Barrier Hills to the Elemental Plateau in Nagrand and mine on the way. On a good night I can hit 4 nodes of adamantite and/or fel iron just on my way to the plateau. If there are nodes spawned I'll also hit the cave under the barrier hills where those big funky cave monsters are that the sporeggar are having such a bad time with.

As I'm playing on a US server as an Aussie farming is best done on my weeknights when the server population is low. I can usually earn about 100g worth of motes in one hour not including any green drops which I also get DE'd and sell the mats. I like to think I've got the efficiency of farming down to a fine art. I almost never stop for mana and neither I nor Sooty ever die. If I do ever drink (like if I have Mage food which is therefore free) I'll mark the mob and send Sooty in to attack then quickly drink. As long as I start drinking before Sooty hits the mob I can mana up while fondly watching Sooty tear that mob a new one.

Here's hoping that I'll be excitedly posting screenshots of me riding my new Swift Purple Gryphon in the near future!


AC Bamblett said...

That sounds like a great plan. :) I can honestly say that I'm jealous of you Australians on the US servers for just that reason. I have another friend from Australia who is baffled that I can't make gold hand-over-fist, but I can't quite get him to realize that me farming at 7pm server time is a completely different animal from him farming at 2am, server time.

Ah, well. I'll just keep doing it slowly and steadily. Enjoy your gold! And good luck getting your mount.


Stupid Mage said...

Viper, Mark of Conquest, and the uh...Mushroom make it so you don't have to drink much at all.