Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Arena awesomeness

Thanks to Kotaro's blog Lone Bowslinger *waves* I've found the site that I was looking for but didn't know existed. SK Gaming has a wealth of information on the top arena teams - the specs, the class composition and etc. I'll be spending a bit of time over there doing some research that's for sure and it's definitely getting added to my resources sidebar!

Speaking of arenas - one of my team has started using a mod called Control Arena which from what I know so far sounds awesome. I'm going to be trying out this mod asap and will report back on how I find it.

While the title to this post is 'Arena Awesomeness" I cannot with any honesty state that this is applicable to any of the teams I am currently in >.>

I am currently a member of the following teams:

2v2 BBQ Drop Bears
3v3 Drunken Beachcombers
5v5 Drunken Aussies

Anyone notice a theme or two there? ;)

Across all teams the ratings hover in the 1450 - 1590 range. Not disgusting but not really any good either. Then again quite of few of the team are still building up our PVP gear and not speccing for PVP specifically so I'm not feeling too badly about it.

I'll post some more soon on how we are going specifically.

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