Saturday, February 2, 2008

Drunken Badgers & friends say a big hello to Magtheridon

Today for the first time the Drunken Badgers raid ventured into Magtheridon's Lair. The big grumpy bastiche was excited to see us, I could tell from all his ranting about parasites.
Our raid group is made up of guildies plus non-guild regulars. We have been doing Gruuls every US Friday night and after that ZA but we've recently made the decision to go to Mags after Gruul's instead.

So after we one-shotted Gruul and his mates we boogied on down to Hellfire Citadel to throw our corpses at Maggy a few times. Being our first time we were fully expecting repeated horrible squishings and we weren't disappointed.

That said, and given the complexity of the fight we did manage to get him down to 41% on one of our attempts so three cheers to the DB raid!

/knocks back a beer

I always enjoy learning new boss fights. I have fond memories of when Attumen was a challenge - that was sometime ago now of course but I always like to think of it to remind myself that what seems tricky at first eventually becomes absolute cake.

What I've worked out so far about being a hunter in Mags is:

1. Burn those channelers down. MOAR DPS!
2. CC is crucial. Drop those frost traps as soon as the cd is up - near a healer is even better.
3. Make sure you are in position for your turn on clicking the cubes and allow yourself time in case of the earthquake bouncing you about.

Mags is a fight that requires everyone to be on the ball and doing their jobs. It only takes one small screw up to wipe the raid


Sorry 'bout that guys.

Good times, good times. I look forward to more grisly death next week.

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Eszti said...

Hai guyz, I see Eszti!

Good times, good times. Actually, we made phenominal progress on Magtheridon this past weekend. That's a relatively difficult fight and there are a lot of things to coordinate at a single time in order to ensure that everything happens without a hitch. 41% is just awesome.

Wanna know something funny? My priest's beloved 25-man group - which is currently 2/6 in Serpentshrine Cavern and 2/4 in Tempest Keep gave up doing Magtheridon some time ago. I think the best that we could manage was maybe 83% due to the fact that we just couldn't get people to do what they needed to do when it was supposed to be done. The rumor is that we'll be going back to him when we drop Gruul's, but since Gruul has become something of an alt raid lately I don't see this happening.

So if a group of twenty-five mostly experienced raiders couldn't manage the fight and we did with a large number of people who had never even stepped into the instance (I think it was just me and Drizzle), you know we've got it good. I won't be there this weekend due to vacation, but down the sonnova bitch for me!