Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm quitting WoW, srsly

Yep you read that right. I'm quitting WoW because finally after so long a wait Hello Kitty Online is a reality! Fingers crossed I get into the closed beta which I've just signed up for.

Hehe ok I'm joking. Well about the quitting part, not so much about the signing up for the beta part.

Why do I find this so humourous? After years of participating in online gaming forums where the common response to a request for something perceived as extraneous or 'carebear like' was often 'What you're looking for are Hello Kitty Adventure Islands' (that's the Puzzle Pirate flavour). Now you really can link to the actual MMOG when making those kinds of responses!

My thanks to Typhoon Andrew for notifying me of this extremely important piece of breaking news ;)


Typhoonandrew said...

hehe - that pic is perfect.

All the fanboys and girls who join after the game is popular can really enjoy screwing it up.

"Lets raid Hogger!"
"Danceroom chat is Barrend chat, but with smiles".

I'll sign-up to help with the downfall.

Eszti said...

You frighten me, miss Jez.