Thursday, August 28, 2008

Looking for regulars for T6 raid

Do you love to raid but can't commit to 2-3 nights a week raiding for whatever reason? We can help! The Drunken Badgers are a guild on Feathermoon and we are looking to fill some regular positions for our T6 raid. Like many other raids out there we have started to feel the attrition of pre itch king burn out plus the impacts of RL on some of our folks.

We are 4/5 in Mt Hyjal and 3/9 in BT. Currently we are focusing on downing Archimonde before returning to Black Temple. Our best attempt so far has been 10% on Archimonde - so we are very close to downing him. We raid once a week on Friday starting at 6pm server and going for 5 hours.

We are particularly interested in ret pallies, shamans and priests but are open to all classes.

You will need to be geared to around T5 level whether via T5, Badge or appropriate PVP gear. Experience with the Mount Hyjal fights and especially Archimonde is a plus and we we will look at experience over gear when considering applicants, so if you have an alt that you could bring that isn't the most awesomely geared but you've done these fights on your main we'll bring that under consideration. You will need to have your PVP trinket and the SR neckpiece and cloak or be willing to get them asap. The PVP trinket in particular is required.

You don't have to be a member of our guild to raid with us. You do need to have access to ventrilo but you don't have to talk if you don't want to :)

The Drunken Badger raid is chock full of mature people who know how to have fun. We use the Suicide Kings loot system with some modifications.

To apply and/or read up more on the raid and the guild visit us at our forums.

Ok recruiting post over. We return to your regularly scheduled frippery soon.


2ndNin said...

I am very confused, Archimonde fight ends at 10% (the raid becomes invincible and he is killed over a minute by wisps), does that mean you killed him?

Anyway good luck looking for people, its always hard to find good people to raid with.

Jezrael said...

We got him to 10% according to his health bar, but not close enough to the magical exact 10% to down him. It was a VERY frustrating and yet exhilarating moment :)

Jason said...

When is your next attempt on that huge *&@^er? Oh and what does Flippery mean? Some Aussie word I've never heard of? hehe
I'll be back on very soon, now that I'm getting my RL sorted out.
I'll hopefully be joining some of the lower raids with my rogue and possibly some of the t5 stuff with people's alts on Draccos. Anyways, miss you guys/gals, miss your Aussie accents, miss pwning stuffs with you!
Have fun, good luck, phat lewts!