Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bite me Archi!

Today I think I experienced the most exciting, adrenalising and ultimately frustrating moment in my WoW playing career to date. The DB raid is currently running Mt Hyjal each week, the plan being to get Archimonde sorted before we go back to Black Temple. This week we had a great run one shotting each of the first four bosses and leaving ourselves plenty of time for attempts on Archi. Things didn't go so well at first with people dying to stupid things like mistiming of their tears or clicking their PVP trinket instead of their tears or dying in the fire or running it through the melee. All very easily avoidable stuff. However on our 16th attempt everything seemed to be falling into place. As we saw his health points dropping the sense of possibility was palpable. Our previous best was 49% and now we had him down to 30.. to 20... to 10! OMG... keep going guys! Surely the cut scene action will start any second! More people die, more soul bursts.. but, but, he's at 10%!!

Yep. 10% and then everyone died. We were SO close. Next week Archi, NEXT WEEK!


Cynra said...

Morn texted me last night telling me that we got to 11%! That is awesome, but incredibly frustrating. I'm a-hoping that my computer arrives within the week so that I can join you guys in Black Temple. If not, my paltry DPS should be back in time for the next Archimonde attempt/first down!

Anonymous said...

Jezrael! Hi! I happen to stumble across your site while reading Cynra's. This is Draccos, btw. =D
Just wanted to say Hello, introduce myself, and let ya know that you're on my daily reads. Currently, I'm over at and will soon be creating my WoW blog. Happy Hunting!

Jezrael said...

Hey Draccos! Thanks for stopping by :)