Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Warcraft in your world

We had a new developer start at work yesterday, as a project manager I was very happy to have a new coder starting as we have a metric sh1t load of work on, however what really made my day? I hadn't had a real conversation with the new person yet beyond 'hello' until we both found ourselves in the kitchen. Her first words to me? "We downed Lady Vashj this weekend."


Yes that's right. I'm now working with another girl who plays Warcraft! That is all win right there and I look forward to her joining the rest of us in our regular kitchen WoW rantings. She's also officially the most progressed out of those of us at work who play having downed Vashj and the first three bosses in Mt. Hyjal with her raid. You can be sure I'll be quizzing her on how her raid handles those d@mn striders *grin*.


Pike said...

Ha! That's great that she randomly brought that up.

I know two other girls at my place of work that play WoW (and a lot of guys), one of them is leaving soon though :(

Jezrael said...

Well it wasn't quite so random - she'd heard from one of the other players here that I play - but still it was a great conversation opener!

Typhoonandrew said...

And another workmate is thinking of tinkering around in wow too Jez. That make 3 regular players and a few who are playing around.

I think we need to bend the lunchtime culture away from Call of Duty, and into WoW. Pity we can't server hop. Perhaps a BG is in order on twinks?