Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No WoW for you!

I got home after a long day at work looking forward to getting a couple of hours of play in before maintenance shut down tonight. I've recently dusted off Sephiroh and am really enjoying the fun and utility of playing my druid. She's 67% of the way through 62 and with the help of Jaime's Levelling Guide I'm really cruising through the quests.

So I'm sure you can appreciate my dismay to be confronted with extended maintenance for the second week in a row. Being an Australian player really bites when it comes to maintenance since it happens Tuesday nights and when it's extended maintenance that means everything goes down at 7:30pm.


On the plus side I have no choice but to spend some time doing other activities such as reading, blogging or catching up on my feeds. It's even possible some TV watching might be included in the mix.


I've also recently been seriously considering writing up an RP description and backstory for Jez. It's something that's been bubbling around in the back of my mind pretty much since I started playing but I've never had the motivation to get started. Having recently been introduced to That Damn RPer via the lovely Anna and reading up on some great posts on character creation I'm thinking that the time might have come.

Many moons ago I participated in an online RP community within the Wheel of Time world and I very much enjoyed exercising my creative and writing skills through thread based RP. I don't know if I would get into any RP in game in WoW but I know I'll enjoy writing about Jez. I was a little concerned about the amount of lore knowledge required (which means time spent researching) but Nauloera had some good words of encouragement for me saying that a well thought out character is more important than a detailed knowledge of the lore.

Roleplay is definitely something that has always interested me but with which I've had very little experience outside of the thread based kind. I confess I'm a little bit afraid of looking like an idiot, or perhaps more precisely, coming off as someone who is inexperienced. But nothing chanced nothing gained right?


Nauloera said...

We all start somewhere, Jez. No time like the present, right? Have no fear. We've all been the inexperienced RPer just testing the water. WoW has a very supportive role play community and there are never enough of us. Have faith, and most importantly, have fun. That's what it's all about. :)

Typhoonandrew said...

If you give it a serious go you'll be better than most of the casuals who try it, and certainly at the very least have more fun that the f**kwits in Goldshire. With your background I'm sure it'll come easy.

A few guildies tried a regular RP session on a monday eve a year back, and we had a ball. It was all about following the Defias story through as we leveled.

Just don't throw in too many Arrrrghs, me hearties.