Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pew pew..... Zzzzzzz...

Drunken Badgers cleared Naxx 25 on our first visit there as a raid. This was awesome - we got many loots and a feeling of satisfaction at our awesomeness. This was lame - when there is no challenge it's a little boring. Well it wasn't a straight one shot of each boss...we had a couple of tries on Thaddius and Gluth before we downed them.

I know Naxx is the entry level raid for Wrath but it was no where near like the challenge we experienced when first starting Karazhan in TBC. There is a discussion going on in our forums at the moment about this very subject. Generally the feeling is - this time round we are an end game experienced team. Many of us have been working together raiding since the Kara days - and therefore it's not so much that the bar has been lowered by Blizz but that we exceed a bar that has been set to allow entry into the game for players who are at the place we were when TBC first came out.

One thing everyone agrees on - we hope Ulduar is released pretty soon before we get bored of current content and that it is more of a challenge.

The remaining challenges for our raid currently are Malygos 25 and Sarth 3D. I'm pretty confident we'll get Malygos soon - our 'clean up raid' got him to 20% last week and that was without all of the A team regulars in the group. Sarth 3D, as was pointed out in the comments of my recent post on fighting Malygos as a hunter, seems to be the fight considered the most challenging by the broader community. So maybe that will take a little longer.

One thing is for sure - I personally need to work on my Heigan dance party skills!


Jong said...

I really hop the Ulduar content is funner and less boringer too.

Sarth+3d was challenging, but the loots fail.

Typhoonandrew said...

I really hope that Ulduar content is less gimmicky. Split this fight, dance that fight, jump for another. Its becoming Frogger rather than flavour.

Karazhan might have been easy mode for some people, but it had a cohesive mood and feel. The bosses made sense in the context of the environment. Some Naxx bosses seem artificial to me - was Naxx meant to be a storage area for the Lich Kings boss-ish servants? Or a toy room.

Moot said...

j00 fking fálz0rz naab roflmfaolol