Thursday, October 23, 2008

Corrupting the innocent

Well the not-so-innocent is what I would opine *grin*

Although I should probably be working on levelling my new pets, continuing my experimentation with the issues some pet abilities seem to have and all those kind of things last night I instead had lots of fun running around on a new toon with a friend from work who is exploring World of Warcraft with a trial account. Typhoon Andrew and I are both hoping that she'll decide she likes the game so much that she'll subscribe, but I think we're both also consciously trying to not push the crack too heavily hehe. Of course if she does subscribe I'll be angling for her to roll a toon on Feathermoon rather than stay on the oceanic server Nagrand where we are currently slaying kobolds. Ugh Kobolds, I think they are even more annoying than murlocs!

I can tell you this - she's a born mage - cackling with glee as she fire balls critters.

Say hello to my lowbie priest Caeri and Kittoug the evil mage.


typhoonandrew said...

I saw the damage meter this morning, Kitt was schooling your Priest. hehe.

I'll bring Raze along again and we'll go medieval on GoldShire.

Cynra said...

Haha, your priest looks a lot like Csilla! Same hair cut, slightly darker hair, same piercings -- other than the mean look and darkened skin, they could be twins!

Jezrael said...

Caeri is definitely the evil twin then! I'm having lots of fun playing with a priestling.. bubble-ahoy!