Sunday, June 15, 2008

The pictures tell the story

Woooooohooooooo! This weekend the DB raid successfully downed Vashj for the first time. Not only that but downed her with all 25 people still standing, although two Battle Rezs were used during the fight. We had made our way straight to Vashj after downing Hydross and Lurker as has been our pattern over the last couple of SSC raids. We usually spend 1.5-2 hours on attempts and then move on to clear the rest of the bosses. On this particular occasion though we could all feel it, we knew we were close and everyone agreed to keep trying. We got her on the tenth official try (accidental moonkin suicides don't count). To me, downing a boss for the first time after the weeks of strategising and many attempts is the absolute pinnacle of the game. The screams and cheers of excitement over vent when she went down were awesome.

And in true Badger style after handing out loots and patting ourselves on the back we decided we had time to take on Leo, and proceeded to wipe on the first trash pull. Go Badgers!

And here is a screen shot taken before the Hydross pull at the same raid. Mmm-hmm I love me some raid buffs! Look at all that lovely DPS and RAP and crit chance. Yummy!

Pictures not resized so you can click on them and see the large version.

So no loots for Jez this run but who cares we downed Vashj!!


Ratshag said...

Awesome job! Big big grats to Jez and the rest of the Badgers!

Anonymous said...


Pike said...

Big grats to you! Raid buffs are indeed delicious.

Flyv said...

Congratulations! That's one of the Big Fights of the endgame and a real accomplishment to win.