Thursday, August 28, 2008

A huntery look at My Hyjal: Rage Winterchill

Welcome to the first in a series of posts on Mt Hyjal from a hunters perspective. When we first started Mount Hyjal I looked around for a hunter guide to the instance and didn't come across anything so hopefully other hunters will be able to get something out of these posts, or even better from my selfish perspective - teach me some new stuff to help improve my performance *grin*.

So, on with the show. I'm not going to give you the details of the instance here, just tips and strategies for hunters. There are plenty of resources out there to give you information about the instance overall and the specifics of the Rage Winterchill fight. Go read them now if you like, I'll wait.

Back? Ok good.

Now I'll be talking from the point of view of how we in DB handle the fights, this will of course change from raid to raid, and what works for one raid may not work for another.

You'll want to come to Mt Hyjal fully prepared with all your consumables etc. For the first two fights the only special gear you will need is your PVP trinket. Preferably the 2 min cool down one. The trinket only costs 8k honour so it's not hard to get hold of with a little effort.

Trash waves
There are eight trash waves before each boss (except for Archimonde) and if you wipe on any of those waves you have to begin the encounter for that boss again right from the very first wave.

The instance starts at the Alliance encampment where you will fight the first two bosses, Rage Winterchill and Anetheron. We fight the trash waves just at the gates where they enter. If we need to engage NPCs we kite the mobs back to them.

  • Drop a frost trap just ahead of the entrance before the path heads downhill and get any other hunters in the raid to drop their own frost traps in sequence behind the first one back towards the raid so that they get triggered in a chain. This will slow the mobs nicely and if you have a pally tank like us will give them a lovely chance to consecrate and get most of the mobs to stick to them like glue.

  • As a hunter threat is always an issue - switch between the mobs your tanks are targeting to get the most out of your DPS. It's very helpful here if you have a mod that can show tanks and their targets such as CTRaid, OrA or Xperl Unit Frames (if someone with the either of the first two mods has assigned the tanks this gets picked up by Xperl). There are no doubt other mods that do this job too.

  • Multishot is awesome for the trash mobs. Remember to feign preemptively if you can and switch targets often though

  • When your tanks have built up some nice threat dropping an explosive trap in the melee adds some extra fiery death to the mix.

  • Each hunter in the raid should be assigned an MD tank. Use your MD on every pull. Especially good with Abominations which are nasty, particularly to squishies.
Rage Winterchill
Mr Lich is the most straight out fight in the instance. Stay out of Death and Decay - and remember to keep your poor pet out of it too! If you get Icebolted use your PVP trinket immediately to escape it.

Work out with the hunters in the raid who has Imp Hunters Mark - they should be responsible for keeping it up on the boss. There's no real need to use any stings on this guy.

Apart from these things it's simply a matter of unleashing the DPS, burning the guy down and collecting the phat loots.

So there you have it, the first boss in Mount Hyjal is toast. From here on in it gets more interesting and therefore more fun!


Anonymous said...

For the Beast Masters who raid, you can use Bestial Wrath as well to break out the Icebolt if you don't have the Pvp trinket or if it's on cd.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what perfect timing you have on this post! :) We just did our first attempt on Rage Winterchill last night, and your tips will no doubt go into play for me!

Another thing that we usually have our hunters do is have two of them each kite a Ghoul back to where the NPCs are. Sometimes it's a bit difficult to pull aggro before the tanks pick everything up, but it does help to get those NPCs involved!

Oh and Estavez: I totally didn't know that. I figured maybe BW could prevent it, but I didn't realize it could break you right out of it! Thanks!

Jezrael said...

Using the NPCs can definitely be useful! We don't tend to need to on the trash waves for Rage but in later trash waves for the other bosses we definitely make use of them.

I too had wondered about TBW allowing you to escape the Icebolt, I'll have to try it out!

Anonymous said...

"If we need to engage NPCs we kite the mobs back to them"

It's a good idea to do it anyway, even though you don't need to. More dps = less time spent on trash.

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